Root: Faction Expansions

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The Riverfolk Expansion

Designed by Cole Wehrle

  • New factions
  • Solo & cooperative gameplay variants
  • Adds up to two additional players

New Factions:

  • Lizard Cult - Attempt to indoctrinate the dispossessed creatures of the woods and spread your creed far and wide.
  • Riverfolk Company - Capitalize on crisis. Offer services and expand your trade operations to secure your status as a merchant king.

Other Additions:

  • Mechanical Marquise – Wage war against the Mechanical Marquise in competitive, solo, or cooperative modes!
  • More screen printed warriors and the pieces you need to play with up to six players.
  • Three new Vagabond Variants.

The Underworld Expansion

Designed by Cole Wehrle and Patrick Leder

  • New factions
  • New maps
  • Adds up to two additional players
New Factions: 
  • Underground Duchy – Sway your ministers to lead a righteous expedition to the Woodland, bringing order to the unending war and chaos above.
  • Corvid Conspiracy – Use cunning and trickery to hold the Woodland hostage, instigating plots to seize control through terror.
New Maps:
  • Mountain Map – Trek across outcroppings, clear blocked routes, and hold the mountain pass to show you are an effective leader.
  • Lake Map – Whisk yourself across the map by travelling on the ferry, meeting new friends and allies along the way.
 *The above are not standalone expansions and require a copy of the base game Root to play.
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