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  • Mongoose Publishing Glorantha: The Second Age - Elfs

Glorantha: The Second Age - Elfs

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To use this supplement, a Games Master will require RuneQuest, RuneQuest Companion and Glorantha - The Second Age.

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The Aldryami, or elfs as men are wont to call them, are one of the Elder Races of Glorantha. Just as trolls are a fusion of the runes of man and darkness, the elfs are of the runes of man and plant. They are the guardians of the forests, kelp beds, jungles and swamps, and come in a wide variety of forms, reflecting the environments in which they live.

Strong when defending their homelands they do not seek to expand, fortuitous indeed for their neighbors as, with their mighty armies, they could overwhelm those who would stand in their way. Believing in the balancing forces of the grower and the taker, the elfs do not seek confrontation.

The motivations behind these alien beings are explained in depth, allowing the Games Master to use them to their full extent. They also can provide a challenge to veteran players, being a truly different roleplaying concept.

The Aldryami have arrived, now you can spread your branches across Glorantha!

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