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  • Wizkids Seeders from Sereis: Exodus
  • Wizkids Seeders from Sereis: Exodus
  • Wizkids Seeders from Sereis: Exodus

Seeders from Sereis: Exodus

$74.99 $43.99 Excl. tax

Designed by Serge Macasdar

Ages 14+
2-4 Players
120 Minute Playtime
3.27/5 Complexity

Science Fiction; Space Exploration; Auction/Bidding; Deck, Bag, and Pool Building; Open Drafting; Worker Placement

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The hit sci-fi game now in English for the first time! In the far distant future, colonists from a dead Earth, called Seeders, are threatened by a world-eating force. You must design a new, better ark for the Seeders to escape their new homes. Draft cards to lay the foundation for your ark. Negotiate to gain the best modules and personnel. Take advantage of complex interactions. Create the colony ship that will save the Seeders from extinction!

When an unknown force threatens to render their home uninhabitable, the Seeders must build arks—giant colony ships–to ensure their survival. Players work to create the most promising design to be chosen for production. Each turn players draft cards into their hands as cards are laid out on the board. Players strategically place negotiator chips between the cards they want, using their alignment and position to determine who has the most influence over a desired card. Once all negotiators and tokens are placed, influence is calculated and the winners of each card are determined.

Once obtained, cards can be played for points, adding value to your ark, or discarded for resources. Each card represents a different component of the ark – modules and personnel – and players will find unique synergies between cards. Complex interactions add layers of strategy that lead to a unique experience each time you play.

Featuring immersive sci-fi art and high-quality production materials, Seeders from Sereis: Exodus tells a deep, engrossing story, while challenging players with difficult decisions and unique mechanics. This is the first game set in the visionary Seeders from Sereis universe, created by Serge Macasdar and Charbel Fourel.



  • 1 two-sided Wing of Whispers Negotiation board
  • 162 Ark cards
  • 30 two-sided Secondary Crew cards (12 Workers, 9 Converts and 9 Priests)
  • 6 Player-Aid cards
  • 45 Resources gems 
  • 16 Ability tokens: 8 Mutagen tokens 8 Jailer tokens 
  • 48 Influence markers [2] / [3]
  • 1 Turn token 
  • 2 Airlock tiles 
  • Per player components (x4):
    • 1 Personal board
    • 1 Prestige point marker
    • 6 Negotiators
    • 30 Influence cubes
  • Rulebook


Designer: Serge Macasdar / Exploration / Medium-Heavy Complexity