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In-person gaming is making it's way back!

Starting in June, we will be slowly reopening our back tables for the community and we hope everyone can join us to play some games face-to-face!


Some things to keep in mind:

1) In order to limit the number of people in the store we have created "seats" for our events which are available for pseudo-purchase on our website. The seats are free, we're just using this as a head-count method. If you're interested in an event, please purchase a seat.

2) This is a soft reopening of our events, so not all events have been re-added to the calendar. If you're event does not appear on the calendar yet, please be patient. We are working hard to bring your event back to the store but it may take some time.

3) We will be requiring customers to wear masks while playing in the store, even if you're fully vaccinated. We appreciate your cooperation.


Check out our interactive calendar below: