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  • Hawk Wargames Shaltari Tribes Starter Army Box

Shaltari Tribes Starter Army Box

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Shaltari Tribes Starter Army


  • 11x Multi-part resin models with 3 acrylic flight stnads
  • 12x 10mm Scale pewter Warsuits with 4 resin bases
  • 1x Shaltari Command Card deck (40 cards)
  • Packed in a soft foam accessory tray


The Shaltari are an ancient and highly developed species. Their technology is advanced to a level of sophistication rivaled only by its potency. They have traversed the stars for millennia, learned myriad truths, and have fought countless wars. Through their knowledge, the Shaltari transcend even death itself, and can endure indefinitely; perceiving the ebb and flow of time like no other race.

In battle, the Shaltari are fearsome adversaries. Their swiftness is unmatched, their firepower unequaled, their bravery undeniable. The beauty of their constructs belies their true nature; engines of death, honed to lethal perfection long before humanity learned to throw stones. They are peerless masters of technology.


Full Contents:

  • 3x Eden Medium Gates
    • 7 resin components and one acrylic flight stand each. Length: 78mm
  • 3x Tomahawk Main Grav-Tanks
    • 2 resin components each. Length: 43mm (gun forward)
  • 3x Kukri AA Grav-Tanks
    • 3 resin components each. Length: 50m (gun leveled)
  • 2x Haven Terragates
    • 3 resin components each. Length: 55mm
  • 4x Shaltari Braves Stands
    • 3 pewter warsuits and one resin base each. Base size: 45x22mm
  • 1x Shaltari Command Card Deck
    • 40 full colour cards