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Designed by Martino Chiacchiera, Hjalmar Hach, Pierluca Zizzi

  • Deduction
  • Cooperative
  • Pattern Building


Similo is a cooperative deduction game, where all players work together to identify the Secret Character
using a series of Clues!

Each version of Similo comes with a deck of 30 big cards beautifully illustrated by NaÏade, showing the portrait and the name of a series of characters with a common theme. In Similo: History you will play with renowned historical figures; in Similo: Fables you will play with the character from the fairy tales; in Similo: Myths you will play with the caracters of the greek myths!

The Clue Giver must lead the Guessers to identify one Secret Character by playing other character cards from his hand as clues, stating whether they are similar to or different from the Secret Character.
For example, the Clue Giver must lead the Guessers to identify Little Red Riding Hood. They could play Snow White vertically, to imply that the Secret Character is a girl, has dark hair, or has something to do with red or green colors. Or, they might play The Genie horizontally to point out that the Secret Character is human, it’s not male, it’s not physically imposing, or it does not use magic… it will be up to the Guessers to understand what the Clue Giver is trying to suggest!

You can also mix and match different versions by using one deck for the characters and the other for the Clues… will you guess which historical figure has something in common with Peter Pan, Snow White and Cinderella from Similo: Fables?

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