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  • Ludonaute Star Clicker
  • Ludonaute Star Clicker
  • Ludonaute Star Clicker

Star Clicker

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Designed by Christophe Raimbault

Ages 10+
2-4 players
45 minute playtime
1.50/5 complexity

Fighting; Space Exploration; Cooperative Game; Memory

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Aliens are attacking your planet; they jammed all the satellites so that you can no longer contact your parents. You have no other choice--you hop into your Spaceship and defend your home!

“Easy, we’ve seen our parents do it so many times!"
"Let’s click on that button...”
“Oops, sorry for the missile in your ship bro...”

Star Clicker is the new cooperative game of Christophe Raimbault - author of Colt Express - in which players each embody a kid trying to save their planet from an Alien attack. You and your friends must discover and destroy all the alien jammers before the planet is destroyed! On your turn, click and reveal one of the 9 buttons from your Spaceship Dashboard and do its action: move forward one tile, shoot, make a quarter turn or activate the copy action. When all players have pressed their two buttons, they flip them face-down again. The longer you pilot your ship, the better you'll be at remembering what each button does.

Each time you move onto a new Space tile, you flip it to reveal its hidden face. There can be nothing, a meteorite or a jammer. When discovered, alien jammer's must be destroyed! But watch out; alien Spaceships are coming from all sides! When an alien ship reaches the planet, it damages the planet's protective shield endangering your home world. Shoot down the alien ships to remove them from the board and gain precious energy resources, but be careful not to shoot a friend, or you must shuffle the three buttons in that section of your spaceship dashboard, making it harder to successfully pilot your ship next turn!

To win you must destroy all the hidden jammers in order to call your parents to the rescue before the mothership is empty or planet destroyed.

Designer: Christophe Raimbault / Medium-Light Complexity / Memory

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