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Designed by Sébastien Dujardin, Xavier Georges, Alain Orban

  • Ages 14+
  • 2-4 players
  • 90 minute playtime
  • 3.46/5 complexity
  • Dice Rolling
  • Area Majority/Influence
  • Set Collection
  • Worker Placement


During the late middle ages, the French city of Troyes was a center of Western European conflict. It witnessed the marriage of a French queen to an English king, Joan of Arc’s crusade to liberate France, the Black Death, the arrival of the Gypsies, the birth of Arthurian romance, and more—all before a tremendous fire destroyed the city and its ornate Cathedral, consigning the greatness of Troyes to history.

Experience the greatness of this medieval city in Troyes! Combining the unpredictability of dice with a tight economy and plentiful player interaction, Troyes challenges you to lead a group of citizens through a tumultuous time and compels you to make tough strategic decisions every round. Will your citizens become Archers or Artisans? Will you help build the Cathedral, or battle Heresy? Above all, how will you survive the constant attacks, skirmishes, and battles of the Hundred Years War, and earn your family fame in these tumultuous times?

Make your underlings:

  • work on the cathedral
  • combat misfortune
  • bustle about the city
  • and other such tasks that are below your family's stature



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