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  • Unexpected Games Voices in my Head
  • Unexpected Games Voices in my Head
  • Unexpected Games Voices in my Head
  • Unexpected Games Voices in my Head
  • Unexpected Games Voices in my Head

Voices in my Head

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Designed by Corey Konieczka

Ages 12+
3-6 players
1-2 hour playtime
1.86/5 complexity

Humor; Area Majority / Influence; Hidden Roles; Physical Removal; Roles with Asymmetric Information; Slide/Push; Team-Based Game

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In Voices In My Head, players step into the courtroom and into the mind of a man on trial for robbing a bank. One player takes on the role of the prosecutor who is trying to convict the defendant, Guy, and send him to prison; everyone else takes on aspects of Guy's personality, such as Honesty or Selfishness, and attempts to influence the trial. To win the game, each player must achieve their hidden goal.

A Wacky Game of Internal Conflict

From the prosecutor to the personas, everyone has a unique role to play in this unpredictable trial.

The fight takes place both inside the courtroom and inside Guy’s mind. His focus and goals will swing wildly as players grab control of different regions of his mind. Even a small action like a yawn or a wink at the wrong moment can have drastic effects on the trial.

Play as the Prosecutor


Channel a Persona

The prosecutor’s goal is to have more jurors think Guy is guilty than innocent at the end of the game.

Each round begins with the prosecutor choosing a trial card. These cards tell the story of the trial, from presenting evidence to calling witnesses.

Will your case be enough to sway the jury? Or perhaps you’ll need to grill Guy on the stand and trick him into confessing his crime.


All other players take on different aspects of Guy’s personality, such as Honesty or Selfishness, and strive to fulfill your hidden goal.

Deploy control markers to different regions of Guy’s brain using the unique three dimensional board. Do you want to choose how Guy responds to a question on the stand? Deploy to the speech region to push off the opposition and take control.

The Trial

Each trial card presents a pivotal moment in the court case. How Guy reacts to these moments will place tokens on the jurors to help or hinder your goal.

As Guy continues to testify, what impulses will you choose to control and how will you sway the jury's opinion?

Will Guy go to prison? Will he make a fool of himself in the courtroom? Will his lawyer finally win a case? Will he ever figure out what was in that breakfast burrito? The case rests in your hands.



Designer: Corey Konieczka / Medium-Light Complexity

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