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  • Games Workshop WHU Gnarlwood: Beastbound Assault

WHU Gnarlwood: Beastbound Assault

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Unleash the Gnarlwood's beasts with a Rivals deck for Warhammer Underworlds
Includes 32 new cards, usable in Rivals, Nemesis, and Relic games
For use by any warband, allowing those from past seasons to join Rivals and Nemesis games

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The root-halls under the Gnarlwood are uncharted territory, where lurking horrors prey on the unwary. Yet even these savage denizens can be bound – whether through magical means or impressive feats of animal handling – and trained to fight alongside warriors with the willpower to command them. Such a warband can charge into battle alongside a terrifying menagerie of beasts which tear into their enemies with vicious stingers, gnashing teeth, and rending claws in a true Beastbound Assault.

Get stuck into Warhammer Underworlds or mix up your game with the complete Beastbound Assault Rivals deck, usable by any warband – including those from past seasons. These cards can be used as a standalone deck in Rivals games, mixed with a warband's unique cards for Nemesis games, or used to build a deck from the ground-up in Relic games. This deck doesn’t include any spells, so warbands from any season can put it to good use.

Each card is brand new to the game, focused on making aggressive plays that can flex into a control style thanks to unique Denizen upgrades. Warbands containing a number of Minions and Beasts, such as Hexbanes's Hunters, the Gnarlspirit Pack, the Exiled Dead, and Blackpowder's Buccaneers will do especially well with this deck.

This deck contains a 32-card universal Rivals deck, consisting of:
- 12x objective cards
- 10x gambit cards
- 10x upgrade cards

1x background card containing a deck list of the Beastbound Assault cards

You'll need a Warhammer Underworlds warband, including their fighter cards, to use the contents of this deck.