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  • Heidelbear Wordsmith
  • Heidelbear Wordsmith
  • Heidelbear Wordsmith
  • Heidelbear Wordsmith


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Ages 10+
1-4 players
30 minute playtime
1.00/5 complexity

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Designed by Bill EberlePeter OlotkaGreg Olotka

  • Ages 10+
  • 1-4 players
  • 30 minute playtime
  • 1.00/5 complexity
  • Real-time
  • Word Game
  • Dice Rolling
  • Paper-and-Pencil


WORDSMITH is all about discovering words, but instead of whole letters, you just have letter pieces in four different shapes. This brain tickling game for 1 to 4 players is a fast-paced, real-time word building frenzy!

All players create words simultaneously from their letter pieces. Each word can only be made and scored once, so a thrilling challenge of word discovery begins. Which words will you discover in your letter pieces? Longer words earn you more points, but you also want to make all six words before the round is over. And of course there is a twist: Although you can discard letter pieces to make a word, you get bonus points when you can limit the number of pieces you have to discard.

The game provides a single player mode as well as special rules for advanced players.

WORDSMITH includes semitransparent plastic letter pieces that are playful and easy to manipulate. A special plastic insert turns the game box into a game component. You get your letter pieces from the insert as part of game play and everyone also has their own corner of the insert to roll their dice in.

Designer: Bill Eberle / Designer: Greg Olotka / Designer: Peter Olotka / Light Complexity