Cabin Club Domino Set with Walnut Box

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Classic Domino Size: 2" x 1" x 3/8"

Classic Domino Weight: 18.5 grams (.041 pounds)

American Walnut Case Size: 8-1/4" x 5-1/4" x 2"

American Walnut Case Weight: 2.2 pounds

Classic Dominoes

This hand-crafted set includes 28 double-six dominoes with ivory-look domino color. Made from Urea Stone, Alex Cramer dominoes are precision molded at pressures over 3000 lbs. per square inch are virtually indestructible. The domino dots are deeply drilled with glossy black color that gleams in the light. Each domino is carefully polished to have a smooth surface and rounded corners. Dominoes are dense and heavy to give them a solid feel in your hands. These flawless dominoes have a lifetime guarantee against domino breakage or loss.


Handcrafted Domino Case

Functional and beautiful, these "works of art" are made from hand-selected American Black Walnut cuts native to the U.S. and Canada and framed with Beachwood. The lacquered finish is sanded smooth and hand-rubbed with Danish Oil. Each case is hand-assembled in the USA with extra-strong "splined" construction, eased corners and a refined finish to feel the raised subtleties of the wood grain. Alex Cramer domino cases were designed to last a lifetime (or two) and are perfect for passing down to the next generation.


Upgraded Cribbage Board

The set also includes an upgraded cribbage board made from hand-selected American Black Walnut cuts designed to complement your case. The lacquered finish is sanded smooth and hand-rubbed with Danish Oil for a superior finish and features precision drilled scoring peg holes. Includes six scoring pegs rather than the traditional four (in case a peg is ever lost) and are cleverly stored in a sliding door storage compartment on the bottom of the board.


Additional Features:

  • Packed in sturdy and attractive gift box
  • Clearly written and illustrated rules of domino play included
  • Includes the Alex Cramer Certificate of Authenticity
  • Rules of cribbage play included
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