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  • Arcane Wonders Furnace
  • Arcane Wonders Furnace
  • Arcane Wonders Furnace


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Designed by Ivan Lashin

Ages 12+
2-4 players
30-60 minute playtime
2.23/5 complexity

Card Game; Industry / Manufacturing; Tableau Building; Auction/Bidding; Open Drafting; Turn Order: Progressive; Variable Player Powers; Variable Set-up

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Furnace is an elegant engine-building euro game where the players take on the roles of 19th-century capitalists building their industrial corporations and aspiring to make as much money as they can by purchasing companies, extracting resources, and processing them in the best combinations possible.

The game is played over 4 rounds. Each round consists of 2 phases: Auction and Production.

Each player has 4 discs with values 1–4 to bid on the cards in the common row. The players take turns placing 1 of their discs on the cards until they don’t have any discs left.

Placement Rules
1. No discs of the same value on one card
2. No discs of the same color on one card

Then, the cards are resolved one by one in order from left to right. The highest bid receives the card. All other bids get compensated: the value of the disc multiplies the compensation.

Now, the players manage their own cards in any order they wish. They may gain resources, process them into other resources or money, and upgrade their cards for additional effects.

When the 4th round is over, the player with the most money tokens wins.




  • 46 cards
  • 17 Capital discs
  • 40 Coal cubes
  • 20 Iron bars
  • 15 Oil drums
Designer: Ivan Lashin / Medium-Light Complexity / Post-Napoleonic / Tableau Building

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