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  • Deep Water Games Gladius
  • Deep Water Games Gladius


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Designed by Alexandre Uboldi & Victoria Caña

Ages 13+
2-5 Players
20-30 Minute Playtime
1.67/5 Complexity

Card Game; Deduction; Betting and Bluffing; Hand Management; Variable Player Powers

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In Gladius, play as cunning Roman spectators trying to make the most money by betting on gladiators competing in the gladiatorial games. Through the skillful use of underhanded tactics, players can help and hinder teams to alter the outcome of each battle. Can you outwit your opponents to turn a profit, or will you be left empty-handed?


1. To start the game, choose one of the five playable characters: the Beast Tamer, Senator, Biggest Fan, Centurion, or Spy Master. Each character has a special power that you can use to turn the tides in battle!

2. Draw a random event card to determine how many gladiators will compete and what skill(s) the event is judged on. Each gladiator has varying levels of Fight, Theatrics, and Luck that can be buffed or nerfed throughout the game. 

3. Take turns secretly placing bets on which gladiator team you think will emerge victorious or which team will fall short.

4. Use your hand of influence cards to assist gladiator teams, backstab them, or cause general mayhem! After each player has placed their final bet, reveal all hidden influence cards and determine the winner! 

Designer: Alexandre Uboldi / Designer: Victoria Caña / Hand Management / Medium-Light Complexity

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