Stolen Paintings

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Stolen Paintings

Designed by Bruno Faidutti

  • Ages 8+
  • 2-8+ players
  • 30 minute playtime
  • 2.00/5 complexity
  • Card Game
  • Deduction
  • Memory


In Stolen Paintings, players take turns playing as a thief attempting to steal and auction off paintings from a museum display. The other players are detectives who attempt to spot the paintings stolen before they are auctioned. The thief earns points for each painting they sneak by the detectives, and the detectives earn points for paintings they correctly identify as stolen. Whoever earns the most points as both a thief and as a detective wins.

In addition to the basic game, the rulebook contains rules for and suggestions for the play of ten or more additional games and variants.



  • 200 oversized Painting cards
  • 12 Number tokens
  • 50 page (double-sided) Scorepad
  • Sand Timer
  • Catalog of Paintings
  • Rulebook
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