The Grizzled

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The Grizzled

Designed by Fabien Riffaud, Juan Rodriguez

  • Ages 14+
  • 2-5 players
  • 30 minute playtime
  • 1.94/5 complexity
  • Card Game
  • Communication Limits
  • Cooperative Game
  • Hand Management
  • Push Your Luck
  • Variable Player Powers


Through what tragedies can Friendship endure?

The Grizzled is a fast-paced, fully cooperative card game for 2 to 5 players that takes place in the trenches of World War I. A best seller in Europe, The Grizzled is an elegant game of avoiding threats and leading a team, and is regarded as one of the finest cooperative games ever made. Featuring beautiful art by French artist Tignous, The Grizzled’s outstanding art is the perfect complement to its message of peace and enduring friendship. Planning, teamwork, and a little luck are the tools you'll need to win this cooperative game.



  • 6 Grizzled Cards
  • 59 Trial Cards
  • 1 Peace Card
  • 1 Monument Card
  • 5 Speech tokens
  • 1 Mission Leader token
  • 16 Support Tiles
  • 1 Game Aid
  • 1 Rule Booklet
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