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  • R&R Games, Inc. Witchstone
  • R&R Games, Inc. Witchstone
  • R&R Games, Inc. Witchstone


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Designed by Martino Chiacchiera, Reiner Knizia

Ages 12+
2-4 players
60-90 minute playtime
2.70/5 complexity

Fantasy; End Game Bonuses; Grid Coverage; Hexagon Grid; Network / Route Building; Open Drafting; Point to Point Movement; Tile Placement

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This is where the magic happens!  The legendary Witchstone is faltering and needs to be restored. Eminent wizards and witches gather to create potions, cast spells and incantations to renourish the stone's energy. The player who demonstrates the greatest skills will be declared Savior of the Witchstone! 

Each player occupies one of the four towers around the Witchstone and starts from there. Create your magic spells with the help of your cauldron, and put a network of magic energy around the stone. Send out your witches, scoop the magic crystals out of the cauldron, make use of the pentagram and the magic wand, and keep an eye on the prophecy scrolls in order to ensure victory.

Not all options are always available to you. Only if you cleverly make the most of your opportunities will you have the chance of accumulating the most victory points over the eleven rounds and thereby win Witchstone.

Each player in the game has a personal cauldron that bears seven crystals and six pre-printed magic icons, and they share a larger game board that features a crystal ball that shows the entire landscape. Each player has a set of fifteen unique domino tiles, with each half of the domino depicting two different magic icons.

On a turn, you choose which of your dominos to place onto your cauldron, then take the associated action. Get multiple actions by placing your dominoes next to matching pieces in your cauldron. With these actions, you can spread your forces across the board and gain control of new locations across the shared landscape.

Designer: Martino Chiacchiera / Designer: Reiner Knizia / Medium Complexity

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