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Flesh & Blood

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Flesh & Blood

Flesh & Blood, the newest trading card game created by self-described competitive TCG fanatics is coming to your friendly, local game store. Created for gamers, by gamers, Flesh and Blood spent seven years in development before its worldwide debut in October, 2019. Since then, we've been closely following it's release and reception and we're excited to announce that we will be participating in the prerelease for their newest set!


About the Game:

Legend Story Studios seeks to challenge the fundamental laws of TCG card evaluation and deck building philosophies. Flesh and Blood rewards good decisions, not good luck. It’s highly interactive, with action beginning from the very first turn. The game is built around a unique resource system, underpinning an innovative combat dynamic which has been rigorously tested.



About the Prerelease:

Prerelease kits will be available for pickup Friday, April 30th. That night at 6:30, we will be hosting a sealed tournament virtually on the Gamescape North Discord Chanel. Each $30 prerelease kit includes six Monarch booster packs (plus 2 promos!) from which participating players will construct a 30 card deck.

Space is extremely limited for this event, so if you are interested we encourage you to call and reserve a space as soon as possible.


More Flesh & Blood:

Starting today, a limited quantity of booster packs from the previous 2 sets Arcane Rising, and Welcome to Rathe are going in the hopper for in-store purchase. Due to the high demand for this product we will be limiting customers to 12 packs per purchase. 



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