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Holiday Gift Guide 2021

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Family Games

These games are ideal for getting the whole family playing! The simple rules will get you started in no time, but the fun mechanics and colorful components and challenging choices will keep you playing all night!

Super Mega Lucky Box

Gamewright, $15.99
1-6 players, Ages 8+

This bingo-based bonanza is great for all ages. Flip numbers one by one, crossing each off on a selection of score cards. Every row and column you finish earns you a special bonus ability of extra points. With a little planning and a bit of luck, players can pull off impressive combos, complete cards and win the game!


7 Wonders Architects

Repos, $49.99
2-7 players, Ages 8+

Be the first architect to complete construction on one of the wonders of the world in this quick and crafty game. Choose to progress by building your monument, reinforcing your military or advancing scientific development. Each strategy presents a unique path to victory. With straightforward, easy-to-learn rules, this game is an instant family classic.

MicroMacro Crime City

Pegasus Spiele, $29.99
1-4 players, Ages 12+

Crime is afoot and it's up to you to stop it! Unfold adventure as you track suspects across the giant city map, uncovering evidence in the most unlikely places. Charmingly illustrated and bursting with detail, this creative deduction game is one-of-a-kind fun!


Necromolds LLC, $49.99
2 players, Ages 9+

Necromolds is a miniatures-based wargame where two players create, battle, and smash their way to victory! Mold an army of monsters from your personal supply of 'spell clay'. The stronger the monster, the more clay it demands - so build wisely! Fallen enemies are smashed into the board only to be remolded again in future battles.


Card Games

Card games are a cunning combination of quick-wits, bold choices, and reversing fortunes. So keep your eyes on your opponents and think on your feet to outwit the other players and finish first!

The Key

HABA, $29.99
1-4 players, Ages 8+

Each case in this series of replay-able deduction games contains 9 unique solutions and hundreds of clue combinations. All players investigate simultaneously, selecting clue cards scattered across the table. The more informative clues cost more points to use. The winner is the player who correctly solves the case using the least clues!



AEG, $19.99
1-5 players, Ages 10+

Gamblers beware! This addictive variation on Blackjack will have you pushing your luck to the limits! On your turn, draw as many cards as you can without going bust. Choose between completing sets to score points or collecting currency to bid on valuable wild cards. The player who completes the most sets wins!


Studio H, $19.99
3-5 players, Ages 10+

In a world of magic, suspense, and shifting allegiance, agendas may be shared but victory is not. This highly competitive card game combines hidden roles with an original take on classic trick-taking mechanics. Players must balance personal plans with group objectives or risk having their loyalties called into question...


Weird City Games, $30.00
1-4 players, Ages 8+

You are now the architect of your own miniature rainforest. Grow plants and trees, breed animals and create sustainable and healthy ecosystems from this massive deck of beautifully illustrated cards. Whoever grows the most verdant forest over the course of three seasons wins!


Party Games

Hoping to make your next party the hit of the season? Whether you're looking for side-splitting laughs or brain-tingling puzzles, these games are sure to score big. You'll be the host with the most for sure!

So Clover!

Repos, $24.99
3-6 players, Ages 10+

A crafty new word game for clever clue creators! Each player comes up with four clues each round, one for each word pairing drawn randomly from the deck. Once complete, players shuffle their words and pass their clues to the group who must match the words with their original partners.


Dream Crush

Mondo Games, $30.00
2-6 players, Ages 14+

Prepare to gush about your crush in this thirsty throw-back. Uncover sweet and strange secrets about colorful dates to determine your ideal mate. Predict which prospective partner makes your friends swoon to win the game. Eighties artwork and hilarious revelations combine for a timeless new party staple.

Sticky Cthulhu

IELLO, $22.99
2-6 players, Ages 6+

To win this chaotic contest, players must snatch up the most denezins of the deep with their sticky, stretchy tentacles. But success comes with a cost: each monster you capture imbues you with a hilarious curse you must obey, at least until you acquire a new one. Hilarious and frenetic fun for players both young in age and at heart.

Florida Man

Ultra Pro, $19.99
2-10 players, Ages 17+

Two truths and a lie takes a turn for the weird! Can you distinguish the real headlines from the pretenders in this outrageous adult party game? Did a Florida ma really steal shoes from a job interview to give to his mom? Prove once and for all that truth is stranger than fiction.


Strategy Games

For sharp minds and bold players, strategy games offer the challenge you crave. With a variety of themes and play-styles, these games are sure to pique your competitive spirit and test your cunning


GRRRE Games, $35.99
2-5 players, Ages 10+

Recruit the bravest party of dwarves to protect the kingdom! Collect warriors of every ilk as you bid, trade and upgrade your way to victory. To earn prestige you'll have to be flexible in your strategy and cunningly navigate the myriad potential paths to victory!


Project L

Mixlore, $34.99
1-4 players, Ages 8+

A sea of colorful shapes comprise the main gameplay of Project L. Fill in formidable formations with your petite polyominoes to win. Each completed project will score you points and add new pieces to your supply. The more pieces you collect, the bigger the shapes you can complete! Plan carefully to maximize your moves and create crafty combos.


Lucky Duck Games, $49.99
1-3 players, Ages 14+

In this immersive, story-driven game, players become heroes on a unique and twisting adventure. Each scenario conjures a new place to explore full of dark stories and epic characters where your choices can change the state of the world forever. Using Scan&Play technology, Destinies offers a unique experience that's easy to pick up but difficult to put down.

Land VS Sea

Good Games Publishing, $29.99
2-4 players, Ages 8+

This asymmetric gem pits players against each other as they expand an ancient map. Using double-sided tiles, take turns completing continents, and thwarting your opponents! With unique mechanisms for every player count, this puzzle-y production is a unique and exciting experience however you decide to play.


Stocking Stuffers

These sweet treats will fill your stockings with family fun! Check out these quick, crafty filler games that pack a big punch in a tiny package. Bring these mini games anywhere for a quick fix of fun.

Hey Yo

Oink Games, $23.00
2-10 players, Ages 8+

Top the charts in this rhythmic rap challenge. You and your crew must cooperate and synchronize your rhymes in this quick and quirky card game. Take turns playing cards to the beat of the mini rhythm machine to make the sickest single and score the most points. Play cooperatively or divide into teams to see who is the ultimate rap master!


Secret Squad

Gamewright, $9.99
3-10 players, Ages 12+

How well do you know your squad? In this undercover party game every player is secretly assigned to one of two teams. Every round reveals a new set of yes and no questions each player must answer according to their hidden allegiance. Can you uncover the truth using nothing but their answers?


Devir, $9.99
1 players, Ages 8+

This labyrinth literally unfolds before your eyes! Fold, flip, and forge your way along each map as you complete objectives and search for a way out! Navigate seven unique and challenging mazes in each box.

Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber

Atlas Games, $13.00
1-4 players, Ages 14+

In this asymmetric tile-placement game, playing cat and mouse is just the beginning. Each player is assigned one of four secret identities which determines their personal win condition. Shift and grow the expanding maze to your advantage to catch your quarry before they catch can catch you!


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