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Contrast Painting Seminar

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Contrast Painting Seminar

Getting the Most Out of Your Contrast Paints

This Saturday, we'll be kicking off a new year of paint nights with a painting seminar led by our resident painting wizard, Connor.

Connor is a very talented painter with many years experience painting. Many of the store's terrain pieces and display armies are actually his work!

All the models you see here-> -> ->
were painted primarily with contrast paints. There are many different finishes and techniques used to create the different effects.


Connor will be covering a wide variety of these techniques, from basic to intermediate and advanced. So whether you're a novice painter or just looking for some new techniques to really make your next army pop, there will be a little something for everyone.

Join us Saturday, January 30th at 6:30 on the Gamescape North Discord to check it out. Below is a join code for the Gamescape server:

About Contrast Paints:

For those who are unfamiliar with Contrast paints, they are the newest paint-line released by Citadel. When painting miniatures, it's typical to start with two basic layers: the base color followed by the wash. The wash is a highly pigmented but very thin paint which seeps into the recesses of the model and creates shadows, giving the model a more realistic, 3-dimensional appearance.

Contrast Paints combine these two steps into one. As the paint dries the pigment separates with the darker pigment settling into the recesses and the lighter pigment remaining on the higher points of the model.

Whether you are looking to save time while painting, or give your models a more professional appearance, Contrast Techniques can be a useful tool to have in your back-pocket.

About the Seminar:

Here's a list of some of the topics Connor will be covering:

Basic Techniques:

-How best to apply contrast
-Using contrast on different surfaces/primers

Intermediate Techniques:

-Different ways of using contrast medium
-Layering contrast paints

Advanced Techniques:

-Blending contrast paints
-Free-handing with contrast

And many more!

We hope you'll drop by our discord server and check it out!




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