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New Rental Game: Fantastic Factories

New Rental Game: Fantastic Factories

Take Fantastic Factories home!

Fantastic Factories has been added to our collection of games for rent! For only $8.00 you can take home our copy of Fantastic Factories and test it out for five whole days. When you're done, bring it back, if you want a copy of your very own, we'll deduct the rental fee from your purchase!


About Fantastic Factories:
  • Ages 14+
  • 1-5 players
  • 45-60 minute playtime
  • 2.22/5 complexity

In Fantastic Factories, players compete to build the most efficient factory. Players can construct all sorts of buildings to help improve their factories' production of goods. Once built, each building can be activated to perform it’s unique function; from manufacturing goods (which serve as victory points at the end of the game), to increasing the productivity of your workers, to improving the aesthetics of your factory. By selecting buildings which work well together, players can create production lines designed to spur them to victory!

Deciding which buildings to add can be more complex than it initially appears as each card has a cost. Sacrifices are necessary to succeed! Each blueprint has a “tool type” and in order to build it you must discard a card that shares that tool type. This requires a combination of careful planning and luck and often players will gleefully grab blueprints only to find they lack the means to build them.


But, a factory is more than it’s buildings! It needs workers to man the machines. Dice serve as your workers and they are bursting with potential! You see, each worker can perform any role in your factory, from research, to mining, to operations, so long as they show the required number for working in that building. So, their role is dependent on your roll. Every round you will reroll your workers to determine what buildings you’re able to activate. The success of your factory depends on the buildings you choose but also the strategic assignment of your workers.

The game is played in rounds with each round divided into two phases. In the market phase, each player selects either a blueprint card, which they can build and permanently add to their factory, or a contractor card which will temporarily boost their production. 

In the work phase, each player rolls their dice and assigns them to the buildings they wish to activate. Buildings can be activated in any order, so players must carefully decide how to place their dice in order to get the most out of each round. Many buildings will activate off the action of other buildings creating an assembly-line effect for the savvy factory owners.

The game continues until any player has either produced 12 goods or built 10 buildings. Then players count up their victory points to determine the winner.


If you enjoyed games like Splendor, Machi Koro, Century Spice Road, or Gizmos we would recommend giving Fantastic Factories a try!



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