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Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Looking for the perfect gift? Check out some of our favorites from last year!

Family Games

These games are ideal for getting the whole family playing! The simple rules will get you started in no time, but the fun mechanics and colorful components and challenging choices will keep you playing all night!


Z-Man Games, $34.99
1-4 players, Ages 8+

On this dice-dotted board, you must decide where to place your diver to collect the 'jellyfish' you need. Complete collections by gathering dice of the right color, but pick up too many and you may help your opponents! The longer you play, the less options there are and the more difficult each decision becomes in this colorful and tricky game.


Men At Work, Pretzel Games, 2018 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)

Men at Work

Pretzel Games, $49.99
2-5 players, Ages 8+

You've never seen construction this crazy! Flip cards to discover which components to add to the budding skyscraper. Take care, any fallen components could cost you your safety certificates and lose you the coveted Worker of the Month award! This creative dexterity game will make your palms sweat as your workers climb to dizzying heights!


Jabuka Games, $19.99
2-8 players, Ages 8+

This word game will wake up your brain! Make words and score points from the twistable, flippable letters. Turn an 'E' to make an 'M'...another flip and it's a 'W'. It will stretch your mind! Keep your eyes on the entire board because if you can make it, you can take it... including your opponents words! The team that used the most letters in the end is the winner!

Presenting Jabuka
3d Box

Zombie Kidz Evolution

Scorpion Masque, $22.99
2-4 players, Ages 7+

Work together to defeat the horde! This quick, captivating game of zombie destruction evolves as you play. Meet mission goals to add new mystery mechanics to the game. You'll never know what's coming next! With challenges to complete and new missions to uncover, the whole family will want to play again and again!


Card Games

Card games are a cunning combination of quick-wits, bold choices, and reversing fortunes. So keep your eyes on your opponents and think on your feet to outwit the other players and finish first!

Grimm Masquerade

Skybound Games, $25.00
2-5 players, Ages 8+

It's the night of the masquerade ball and the fairytale characters are out to unmask one another. Can you deduce their identities? Grimm Masquerade is a highly interactive game of strategic deduction for two to five players. With two play levels, beautiful art, and engaging gameplay, this game will enchant the whole family!

Concept Cover Art
Ramen Fury, Asmodee, 2019

Ramen Fury

Mixlore, $9.99
2-5 players, Ages 8+

Mix and match flavor packets, vegetables and protein to prepare the perfect ramen in this fun, flavorful game! But be sure to eat it before anoyone steals your ingredients...or adds something that doesn't belong! This savory selection is portable, fast and fresh!

Mystic Market

Thinkfun, $17.99
2-4 players, Ages 10+

Ding, ding! The trading floor is open and it's time to make your fortune. Buy low and sell high in this quick game of constant change. Will you try to manipulate the market for big profit, or make many small scores to win the day? Act fast, or the prices will drop and your cards will be worthless.

Mystic Market - Thinkfun (2019) - box front
Res Arcana, Sand Castle Games, 2019 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)

Res Arcana

Sand Castle Games, $39.99
2-4 players, Ages 14+

Will you outmaneuver your rivals to win the day? This unique and complex card drafting game has players construct a deck of eight artifacts for the ultimate arcane competition. If you've crafted your deck with care, your artifacts will interact to create an unstoppable engine of resource collection!


Party Games

Hoping to make your next party the hit of the season? Whether you're looking for side-splitting laughs or brain-tingling puzzles, these games are sure to score big. You'll be the host with the most for sure!

Mental Blocks

Pandasaurus Games, $39.95
2-9 players, Ages 8+

Reconcile your perspectives to win this fast and fun new party game! Work against the clock to arrange these colorful blocks correctly, but with only one part of the puzzle per person, you'll have to work together to win. Add restrictions to work around and an optional traitor mechanic to ramp up the difficulty as much as you like!

Actual Cover Image

(May Cause) Side Effects, Pressman, 2019 (image provided by the publisher)

Side Effects

Games Adults Play, $24.99
8+ players, Ages 13+

This hilarious game of miscommunication is sure to have you and all your party patients in stitches! You are participating in a drug trial and I'm afraid you're all suffering from some acutely silly side effects. Can you still communicate your message to your team despite these wild and wacky reactions?

Detective Club

Blue Orange Games, $34.99
4-8 players, Ages 8+

This fresh, fun take on a classic concept is a must-play this holiday season! Someone at the table is not what they seem, and you must deduce who it is! Take turns playing cards that align with a simple theme that everyone knows...except one person! Can you catch the mysterious 'conspirator'? Or will they bluff their way to victory?!

Detective Club, Blue Orange Games, 2019 (image provided by the publisher)


Welcome to Your Perfect Home

Deep Water Games, $24.95
1-100 players, Ages 10+

Design the perfect 1950's suburban neighborhood in this roll & write party game! Choose from three houses every round to add to your perfect neighborhood, but plan carefully or you could b in hot water with the building commission! With pools, parks, and estates to add, the possibilities are practically endless!


Strategy Games

For sharp minds and bold players, strategy games offer the challenge you crave. With a variety of themes and play-styles, these games are sure to pique your competitive spirit and test your cunning


Floodgate Games, $45.00
2-4 players, Ages 13+

This beautiful game seems deceptively simple at first, but grows in complexity with every piece you place. Played over four seasons, each round effects the next as you attempt to control the board with your species of tree. Take turns growing your trees then scattering their leaves across the park to outscore your fellow players and win the game!


Bosk Box Cover

Tiny Towns, Alderac Entertainment Group, 2019

Tiny Towns

AEG, $39.99
1-6 players, Ages 14+

In Tiny Towns, players act simultaneously to arrange their resources and grow their town. Each building you place will give you unique abilities and score you points at the end of the game, but with each new building added to your board, your space dwindles! Plan carefully or you'll be first to run out of room!


Next Move Games, $39.99
2-4 players, Ages 8+

Tuki is a strategic building game in which players race to build a Tukilik out of colored blocks. They will not stand on their own, you'll need the collection of white blocks to properly prop them up into place... but which white blocks, and where? Don't be the last to finish or you could be out!

Promotional Image - Tuki 3D box
Cover FFG English Edition

Star Wars Outer Rim

Fantasy Flight Games, $64.95
1-4 players, Ages 14+

Earn fame and fortune as you control the fate of your favorite characters in this new Star Wars game for fans and fanatics alike! Will you become a famous bounty hunter, a renowned smuggler, or an infamous mercenary? The choice is yours! Take on jobs, avoid Imperial scum, and earn your way to victory!


Spectacular Sequels

Based on fan-favorites, these sequels are reimagining games we love into something exciting and new! These reworked classics have something for everyone. You'll have a hoot whether you've played the original or not!

Patchwork Doodle

Lookout Games, $19.99
1-6+ players, Ages 8+

This tiny package packs a big punch! The latest installment to the Patchwork family is a great introduction to 'roll & write' games. Every turn will bring a new crazy shape to draw onto your doodle board. Eliminate all the empty spaces to score big! This quick and captivating game will engage your creativity as you color your way to victory!


Patchwork Doodle, Lookout Games, 2019 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)

Sushi Roll, Gamewright, 2019 (image provided by the publisher)

Sushi Roll

Gamewright, $23.99
2-5 players, Ages 8+

Serve the perfect sushi dinner in this adorable and interactive dice drafting game! Grab the sushi off the conveyer belt to score sweet combos, but be sure to choose wisely, whatever you don't pick passes to the next player. Use your abilities well and you might snatch the win right off someone else's plate!

Machi Koro Legacy

Pandasaurus Games, $49.95
2-4 players, Ages 10+

That's right! The beloved classic of dice-rolling and town building is back and better than ever! This new legacy edition of Machi Koro has 10 unique campaigns to play through with mystery cards and mechanics added each session. In the end, you are left with a personalized edition of Machi Koro to enjoy for years to come!

Machi Koro Legacy, Pandasaurus Games, 2019 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)
Dragonrealm, Gamewright, 2019 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)


Gamewright, $20.99
2-4 players, Ages 10+

DragonRealm is the long-awaited sequel to family favorite DragonWood. Your favorite game of dice-rolling and set collection now has even more to offer, because now they've added meeples to the mix! Claim territories to gain gold while watching out for greedy goblins! Gather the most territory and you could rule the realm.


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