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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Family Games

These games are ideal for getting the whole family playing! The simple rules will get you started in no time, but the fun mechanics and colorful components and challenging choices will keep you playing all night!

Cupcake Academy

Blue Orange, $19.99
2-4 players, Ages 8+

It’s a mad dash to complete each assignment before time runs out! Work together to sort the cupcake cups by size and color. It’s so simple, you’ll do it with one hand behind your back. You’ll need cooperation and coordination to tackle this sweet puzzle game successfully!


Blue Orange Games - Cupcake Academy

Box Render


Board Game Tables, $34.99
2-5 players, Ages 10+

Beautiful components and crafty gameplay make this racing game a tasty treat for all ages! Spread a trail of food then help the ants march home. Player can move any ant along the chow highway, collecting the treat on either side.But choose carefully because the order the ants reach home determines what each stolen snack is worth.

Prisma Arena

Hub Games, $39.95
2-4 players, Ages 10+

This unique and customizable arena combat game packs a big punch! Team up with a colorful cast of cute companions to level up your character and gain powerful new abilities. Stack your abilities to create dynamic combos and achieve victory. Then peel off your character’s reusable customizations to start again!

Prisma Arena | Hub Games
Unmatched: Battle of Legends, Volume One, Restoration Games/Mondo Games, 2019 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)


Restoration Games, $15-40
2-4 players, Ages 9+

Pit a mix of modern and classic characters across genres against one another in the ultimate battle royale board game! Each character has different abilities, allies, and artwork for a totally asymmetric experience. From Medusa to velociraptors, Sherlock Holmes to Bruce Lee, combine sets for new match-ups and unique team-ups!


Card Games

Card games are a cunning combination of quick-wits, bold choices, and reversing fortunes. So keep your eyes on your opponents and think on your feet to outwit the other players and finish first!


Leder Games, $30.00
2-4 players, Ages 8+

Compete to be the coolest kid on the block by recruiting a rag-tag group of friends and building the best fort in the neighborhood! This captivating deck-builder's an engaging mix of dynamic play and endearing artwork that’s guaranteed to steal your heart!

Fort Cover
The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, KOSMOS, 2020 — new box front highlighting the Kennerspiel award (image provided by the publisher)

The Crew

Kosmos, $14.95
2-5 players, Ages 10+

This cooperative twist on classic trick-taking games  won the prestigious Kennerspiel des Jahres award for 2020. With over 50 unique missions to play through, this instant classic will test the creativity of you and your crew. Work together to overcome the increasingly difficult challenges to complete your quest and discover a new world. 

Candy Lab

Funnyfox Games, $19.99
2-4 players, Ages 8+

Watch out Willy Wonka- there's a new candy master on the horizon! In this game of confectionary collection, the treats are sweet but business is brutal. Compete to fill orders for colorful candies then use their abilities to crush the competition!

Candy Lab, Funnyfox, 2020 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)
Point Salad Box Front

Point Salad

AEG, $19.99
2-6 players, Ages 14+

Fast, familiar and fun, this fresh twist on classic card games will leave you hungry to play again and again. Each double-sided card can be played as either a recipe or an ingredient. Cleverly combine your recipes to maximize the score from your ingredients to win!


Party Games

Hoping to make your next party the hit of the season? Whether you're looking for side-splitting laughs or brain-tingling puzzles, these games are sure to score big. You'll be the host with the most for sure!

Hues and Cues

The OP, $24.99
3-10 players, Ages 8+

You have two clues to guess the hue in this vibrant game of colorful communication! Choose a swatch and guide the group to your tint with helpful hints. The closer players get to finding the correct color, the more points they score. With 480 colors on the board, you'll have to be creative to distinguish each specific shade.

Hues and Cues board game

Front Cover of English First Edition


Blue Orange, $19.99
3-6 players, Ages 8+

Create constellations by connecting existing stars across the night sky. Draw a card and create the constellation before time runs out! Score points according to the complexity and accuracy of your creation. It's dot-to-dot meets Pictionary in this novel and stunning drawing game. 

Stay Cool

Scorpian Masque, $24.99
3-7 players, Ages 12+

In this hilarious trivia game, the trivia is the easy part! Fluster your friends by asking multiple questions simultaneously. Some answers you speak, while others you spell with dice, all while keeping an eye on the time. You'll have to concentrate to answer as many questions as you can before you run out of time!

Box EN version

Game Image


Story Machine Games, $23.99
2-5 players, Ages 8+

This creative code-breaking game will have players inventing and interpreting the writings of a lost civilization. With an illustration to inspire them, the 'author' assigns a definition to a randomly selected symbol. Everyone must then work together to interpret the clues and correctly decipher the glyph's hidden meaning!


Strategy Games

For sharp minds and bold players, strategy games offer the challenge you crave. With a variety of themes and play-styles, these games are sure to pique your competitive spirit and test your cunning


Pandasaurus Games, $24.95
2-4 players, Ages 7+

This 3-dimensional abstract strategy game is all about color domination. Add your blocks to the central cube to build your shade up from every angle. Consider each side carefully because wherever your pieces show, you'll score a point and whoever you cover will not. Capture key areas and see your strategy take shape!


Ctrl, Pandasaurus Games, 2020 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)

Mariposas Box Render


AEG, $49.99
2-5 players, Ages 14+

Collect flowers, breed butterflies and spread across the board in this unique and beautiful new game by the designer of Wingspan. Live through the brief but captivating life of the monarch butterfly as you migrate from breeding ground to feeding ground and back again in this one-of-a-kind representation of an amazing annual expedition.

Fantastic Factories

Metafactory Games, $40
1-5 players, Ages 14+

Assign your dice, collect your resources and assemble your assembly line as you create your own wacky factory! But just because your methods are unusual doesn’t mean your productivity is slacking. There;s plenty to do so get training, managing and manufacturing. The player who creates the most efficient factories will win the game!

Box Cover
Raiders of Scythia 3D Box - Renegade Edition

Raiders of Scythia

Renegade Games, $55
1-4 players, Ages 12+

Cultivate your crew and conquer the rich surrounding empires in this remastered classic. This spiritual sequel to the Raiders of the North Sea Trilogy promises to introduce a whole new generation to the glories of conquest. With new mechanics, art and theme combined with time-tested gameplay, Raiders of Scythia is a guaranteed hit!


Stocking Stuffers

These sweet treats will fill your stockings with family fun! Check out these quick, crafty filler games that pack a big punch in a tiny package. Bring these mini games anywhere for a quick fix of fun.


Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off!

Gamelyn Games, $20
2-4 players, Ages 9+

A complete game of cosmic conquest... in miniature! This stellar strategy game has players competing to colonize planets across the galaxy. Send your starships to new worlds and decide whether or not to add them to your collection. Only one player can control each planet so you'll have to race to collect the resources you need to make each planet your own.


Horrible Guild Games, $9.99
2+ players, Ages 7+

Guess Who gets a much needed face-lift! Try to get your group to guess a mystery character by comparing them to similar figures. Use clues to eliminate suspects until you discover the hidden persona! Choose from three unique themes or mix and match multiple sets to ratchet up the difficulty.


Front Cover of English First Edition

Snip Snap

Blue Orange, $12.99
2-6 players, Ages 7+

Speed your way to victory in this silly, sibilant dice game. Roll your dice and search for a match between you and your opponents. The first person to snap up a match discards a dice before beginning a new round. The first person to run out of dice is the winner!

Super Cats

The OP, $9.99
3-6 players, Ages 8+

ROBODOG is on the rampage and only a squad of super cats can save the day! But which squad will suit up in time? Race your fellow players to transform a collection of ordinary cats into a super hero squad. But watch out! Once your cats have transformed, your opponents will band together to control ROBODOG and take you down!

Box 3D


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