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Gamescape Recommends: Tricky Giftees

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Gamescape Recommends: Tricky Giftees

There's always a couple people one everyone's list who are more difficult to pick out gifts for. Whether it's because they have very specific tastes or you just don't know much about their particular hobbies, it can be daunting to try and pick out something they really like.

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite games for the tricky giftees we get asked about most. We've suggested not one but three games in each category to help you find the right choice in the right price range.

Happy hunting!

For the Minecraft Player:


When their number one love is Minecraft it can be hard to find them a gift. After all, they already own Minecraft itself and there's only so much overpriced official Minecraft merch one person needs. But Minecraft itself is a game of exploration, treasure hunting, and crafting so why not try some board games the whole family can enjoy that capture the magic of Minecraft?


Small Game: Sprawlopolis
Price: $12.00
About: This pocket-sized city-building game is all about completing building contracts. Connect your cards to complete city sectors and create the highest-scoring scenery.

Medium Game: Incan Gold
Price: $29.99
About: Push your luck as you dive beneath the ancient temple and gather treasure but go too far and you may not make it back!

Large Game: Megacity: Oceania
Price: $54.99
About: Race to collect contracts, construct beautiful buildings and vie for awards as a unique MegaCity emerges each time you play. A combination of dexterity, light strategy and creativity make MegaCity a truly unique experience - a city building game where you actually build a brand new city every time you play!



Incan Gold (2018 Edition) MegaCity: Oceania Cover

For the sports-star:


Physical dexterity games are what we recommend for the athletes or even just the hyper-active on your list. Their dexterity and strategy will be put to the test as they flick, slide and knock their way to victory. These games will challenge their muscles and their minds!


Small Game: Pitch Out
Price: $20.00
About: Gather your team and flick your way to victory as you use your abilities to eliminate your opponent and knock them off the board.

Medium Game: Flip Ships
Price: $40
About: Flip your ships to take out the encroaching enemies and to take down the powerful mother ship before it's too late.

Large Game: Catacombs
Price: $64.99
About: While one player marshals an army of monsters, the others must use their skill and dexterity to save the town and master this fast-paced game. 


Pitch out Flip Ships, Renegade Game Studios, 2017 (image provided by the publisher) Catacombs Third Edition box artwork


For the artist:


They love art, but they're full-up on art supplies. No problem! Here's three of our favorite games for art-lovers. Featuring beautiful and unique artwork which incorporates into dynamic gameplay everyone will appreciate these beauties.


Small Game: High Society
Price: $20
About: Outbid your friends to surround yourself with the finer things in life! This stunning art-nouveau inspired game is fun to play with artwork anyone could admire.

Medium Game: Kanagawa
Price: $29.99
About: You are one of many students of the great Master Hokusai. Compete with other students to master your craft and make the most harmonious print.

Large Game: Atelier
Price: $39.99
About: Take on the role of an artist managing an atelier, or art studio, during the 19th century. Roll dice, manage your assistants, collect needed paint, and complete famous works of art. 


High Society, Osprey Games, 2018 — front cover French box Atelier Box Front


For the Role-Players/D&D Players:


There's plenty of goodies to be got for RPG players in our store, but if you're looking for a great board game that the whole family can get into then look no further. These games capture some of the spirit of Role-Playing Games while being accessible enough for everyone to enjoy.


Small Game: Dungeon Mayhem
Price: $15-25
About: With art inspired by Dungeons & Dragons characters and monsters, this fast and furious battling card game is an easy pick for any RPG player. The easy rules and tongue-in-cheek humor will surprise and delight even if you've never heard of a D20.

Medium Game: Adventure Mart
Price: $29.99
About: In every town, in every RPG, there is a shop full of wonderous wares to supply daring adventurers. In the card game Adventure Mart, it's your turn to run your very own shop! But beware; competition for customers is fierce.

Large Game: Forgotten Waters
Price: $59.99
About: Set in a world of fantastical adventure, players take on the role of pirates sailing together on a ship, attempting to further their own personal stories as well as a common goal. The world of Forgotten Waters is silly and magical and players will want turn over every rock, just to see what they find.




Bonus Round - For Among Us players:


The hit computer game Among Us features a style of game that has been popular with board gamers for many years! Referred to as 'social identity' or 'traitor' games, they're all about discovering who is out to sabotage the group before it's too late. So perfect your innocent face before it's too late!

  Suggestion: Try any of the games from our store with the Traitor Game tag!

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